First Friday is next Friday

For all of you that are or want to be in touch with th art community of Greenville…here’s the next absolutely free way to walk and talk with the local artist community in the West End and Main Street areas of Greenville.

I usually park my car…either down Pendleton Street or on the Ball Park end of Main…walk pick a few galleries to visit. Most will have a little wine and cheese type fare for the visitors…a guest book to sign if you would like to leave your email and get invites…and most of the time the artist will be there to engage with you in lively conversation.  There’s no reason to be on guard…they won’t pressure you into a sale…they just like the opportunity to tell you about their work and ideas.

There are other galleries around town that will be open . You can see a list of these if you access the MAC…that’s Metropolitain Arts Council web site.  While you are there go ahead and sign up for their free email that will notify you of everything arts oriented in the whole Upstate.

And of course if you are up to a lite dinner or a fine fare you will have plenty of time after the gallery walk.

6-9pm is the appointed time for all the galleries…attire is casual.

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Dont sell your soul to the devil…Don’t mean to beat the dead horse but….

I was just reading once again…some of the basics of why you really need a seasoned ally if you are going to purchase property.  Now at first glance, these things seem to be just too basic …but here is where most people get into trouble…they glance over what they consider basic. I mean, everyone knows these points, why take anytime to review silly things like this.  But here is where the problems begin.

First off…buying a home seems to put us all under pressure. The last thing we want is to not get this house. Obviously, we don’t do this a lot so we are not seasoned…and the seller seems so nice.  Well, the seller wants his deal…and you want your deal as first priority. You feel compelled to be polite, friendly, fair and so forth.  So you sell your soul to the “devil”.  You feel pressured to get your offer over to the seller, so you get in a rush…STOP. Breath!!!

Keep this list handy…

  • What personal property will be included or excluded from the sale. Don’t believe a word that the seller speaks…write everything on a bill of sale…aside from the contract for the property… trust me…no seller remembers what they told you prior to you signing the contract. “Oh did my husband say that you could have my grandmothers antique million dollar chandelier? Honey, did you say that?”
  • Who will pay for required repairs or retrofits. ( different contract automatically assign certain fees in different ways, things like termite inspections …read….)
  • What the seller’s disclosure obligations will be. (make sure the seller is legally obligated to the property condition report that they fill out for buyers)
  • What the seller’s obligation to maintain the property will be.
  • What the seller is warranting about the property. If they say the dishwasher is under warranty…exactly where is the warranty and how long is it for…how do you file a claim? Most people default and buy you a home warranty policy…because they really don’t know where those warranties are or how to get the service.
  • What the buyer’s inspection rights will be. If you elect to have an inspection…can your inspector re-inspect the work done to your satisfaction…because their  uncle really did the work and he doesn’t have a licence. So is it able to pass a trained inspectors requirements?  Be really careful here.
  • What will happen in the event either party does not comply with the contract.  Usually nothing happens…you either walk away or swallow it…
  • What will the parties’ legal rights and attorney fee provisions be in the event of a breach of contract.

I am a real estate agent, and I insist that my clients listen to me as I read them the contract…stopping to think as they go…what did I just agree to…because you will live with your agreed contract.

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Art Experience This Friday

There will be a public art installation this Friday evening…July 23, 2010, 9pm near High Cotton…this event was made possible with grant funding from the SC arts commission…and should be worth the trip downtown. Bring a chair, maybe some bug spray, and enjoy. I love the think out of the box kind of happenings. Greenville can support this type of art happening and I hope to see more of this in our town. Melinda will see you there!

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Greenville, SC dog parks.

Gosh its great to have this wonderful dog park in Greenville along with the running paths and biking trails… so close to downtown.  And now the Swamp Rabbit trail towards the mountains has been completed.

We take the kids and ride bikes and enjoy seeing all the dogs…out for a walk with their owners. Opps…one got off the leash last night and everyone was scurrying to help the dog walker get him back safely. Over heard one of the gals walking a number of dogs, with several helpers, calling a customer to tell them they had tried for 40 minutes to get a dog out from under the owners bed and that the house seems to have some doors open that usually are closed…hope that poor puppy got out for his evening walk.

Greenville seems to have everything and this popular dog park within Cleveland Park is really set up well. Of course pups need their shots…and to be with the owners…but the gates are well thought out and the whole experience is laid back.  The zoo in also within this park and you occasionally hear a screech or two calling out…but never hear any problems over at the dog park…so it must all work well. So many people live and walk to this location with all its new paths and running and bike paths that are being redone right now. You can literally walk for miles with or without your dog…on hiking and paved surfaces…we love to go their for so many reasons…even had a birthday party there this Spring. Lots of condominiums in the area as well as homes.

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